Webinar: Reflecting on 20 Years of Collaborative Care webinar

May 16, 2024

Register today for the AIMS Center’s upcoming webinar, Reflecting on 20 Years of Collaborative Care webinar, happening Wednesday, July 10, 2024, at 1 p.m. PT. 

For 20 years, the AIMS Center has helped diverse healthcare organizations implement the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM), a method of integrating behavioral healthcare into medical settings developed in the 1990s. Over 90 randomized controlled trials worldwide have proven that CoCM is significantly more effective than usual care at treating behavioral health conditions, even when usual care includes a co-located therapist in the medical practice. The AIMS Center has supported hundreds of healthcare organizations implementing CoCM for various behavioral health conditions (depression, anxiety, SUD, OUD, PTSD, bipolar disorder) experienced by diverse patient populations. We’ve learned a lot over the past 20 years and are excited to share with you the lessons we’ve learned as we look to the future of CoCM.  

By the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Discuss the origin and evidence-base of Collaborative Care
  • Provide lessons learned and best practices in providing Collaborative Care
  • Discuss the future of Collaborative Care

Our Panelists

Diane Powers, MA, MBA, AIMS Center Co-Director

Anna Ratzliff, MD, PhD, AIMS Center Co-Director

Jurgen Unutzer, MD, MPH, MA, University of Washington Professor and Chair of the Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences AIMS Center Founder

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