Implementation Support

The AIMS Center has 20 years of experience supporting a wide range of healthcare organizations in the United States and internationally to implement integrated care for diverse patient populations and clinical conditions. We offer program-level coaching, clinical skills training, and evaluation assistance customized to meet the needs of each organization or initiative. 


Our implementation support effectively teaches teams how to successfully implement integrated care in their unique settings. Research shows that clinics receiving our specialized support have better patient-level clinical outcomes. Request a free consultation to learn more about how the AIMS Center’s expertise can help your clinic reach its integrated care goals.

Support We Offer

Implementation Coaching

Our implementation coaching has two phases:

  • Pre-launch Coaching Phase
    • Typical Duration: 3-6 months
    • Focus: To bring together clinic leadership and primary care and behavioral health providers to develop their Collaborative Care program. These calls with clinic leaders prepare the organization for the program’s launch and sustainment. Topics include: program vision, detailed clinical workflows, billing and financing strategies, etc.
  • Post-launch Implementation Coaching
    • Typical Duration: 12 months
    • Focus: Identify and resolve implementation challenges using evidence-based metrics and practice-based benchmarks. We customize the specific configuration of services we offer to meet the needs of each organization. A peer-reviewed paper published in 2020 showed that clinics receiving our specialized implementation support had better patient-level clinical outcomes than clinics that did not. 

Clinical Skills Training

Our highly experienced clinical trainers work with primary care and behavioral health providers to prepare them for integration. We offer:

Online Training 

Prepares all members of the Collaborative Car team – Behavioral Health Care Managers (BHCM), Primary Care Providers (PCP), and Psychiatric Consultants – to work together in a way that doubles the effectiveness of care.


Team Skills Training

Building on the online training, this two-part live skills-based session includes the BHCMs, psychiatric consultants, and the PCP champion. Each component is 2.5 hours long. The first focuses on communication with patients and on the team, as well as how to troubleshoot common implementation challenges. The second training focuses on skills and best practices for weekly systematic caseload review sessions.

Behavioral Health Care Manager (BHCM) Advanced Skills Series 

This series covers specific topics designed to support BHCMs as they delve deeper into the clinical skills necessary to manage a variety of behavioral health concerns.

These trainings typically span 6-9 months and consist of monthly sessions on various topics, including: patient engagement, working effectively with your Psychiatric Consultant, relapse prevention planning, brief visits and concurrent documentation, supporting medication management, and challenging clinical situations. 

Behavioral Treatments 

We provide training in Problem Solving Treatment and Behavioral Activation – two behavioral interventions designed for primary care settings. These brief, structured, evidence-based treatments have been proven effective and help support the Behavioral Health Care Manager provide high-quality patient care. 

Program Evaluation

Unlock the full potential of your Collaborative Care program with support from the AIMS Center. Our team of experts can help you leverage your data to evaluate your program’s effectiveness, improve internal processes, make informed decisions, or publish your findings. Request a free consultation for more details.


Learn how the AIMS Centers’ decades of Collaborative Care experience can help your organization succeed.