Course Outline

We offer two tiers of PST training for licensed clinicians: a shorter Course in PST (Tier 1) and full PST certification (Tier 2). We encourage clinicians to pursue Tier 2: PST Certification, as skill-based practice and expert feedback are important to meeting fidelity standards. Notably, the evidence base for the effectiveness of PST has been demonstrated using clinicians at this level of clinical skill. For more information on the courses (including pricing and eligibility) click the links below, or download a detailed overview covering both PST training tiers.

Tier 1

A Course in PST consists of a series of online modules introducing PST principles, followed by 6 monthly group case presentation calls.

Tier 2

PST Certification involves online modules followed by individual simulated virtual visits, 6 monthly group case presentation calls, and in-depth expert feedback on application of clinical skills based on session audio recording review.

Become an Expert PST Trainer

Get certified as a PST Trainer, in these group training sessions participants will learn the skills needed to train others in PST.