Get Trained in Effective Brief Evidence-Based Behavioral Interventions

Problem Solving Treatment (PST) Training

The AIMS Center offers trainings in Problem Solving Treatment (PST). This brief, evidence-based approach has been proven effective with various patient populations - including those from differing cultural backgrounds. PST aims to increase self-efficacy by teaching the patient problem solving techniques to empower them to solve life issues contributing to their depression. We encourage organizations implementing integrated care to have capacity to offer evidence-based psychotherapy such as PST.

Behavioral Activation (BA) Training

Behavioral Activation (BA) is a brief evidence-based behavioral intervention for use in primary care, other health care, and community settings. BA teaches patients experiencing depressive or anxiety symptoms a set of skills to re-engage in valued life activities that they once found rewarding and enjoyable.

Key Intervention Features

Treatment plans in effective integrated care models, such as Collaborative Care, use medications, behavioral interventions, or both. To be effective in primary care, a behavioral intervention should:

  • Include a patient engagement component
  • Be time efficient, running no more than 20-30 minutes a visit
  • Follow a structured, but patient-centered approach
  • Minimize required clinical training and duration of treatment
  • Be relevant and applicable to diverse patient populations
  • Have a substantial research evidence base