AIMS Caseload Tracker

Simplify your behavioral health caseloads with our thoughtfully designed web-based registry tool, which brings simplicity and functionality to all aspects of the Collaborative Care (CoCM) workflow.

Streamline Your Workflow

The secure web-based AIMS Caseload Tracker gives providers the support they need to deliver the care patients deserve. Designed for behavioral health teams working in integrated care settings, our intuitive and easy-to-use registry simplifies the sharing of important patient information across team members. Providers can track basic patient information such as behavioral health visit dates, symptom scores (PHQ-9, GAD-7, PCL-5) and psychiatric case review dates. Double data entry is minimized to include the essential items for caseload prioritization and decision-making support.

Track Quality Measures

Articulating quality metrics and using these metrics for regular program monitoring and adjustment is key to a successful CoCM program. Our thoughtful analytics expedite the ability to see progress at all levels, making your team’s priorities clear.

Simplify Communication Across Teams

With our streamlined registry small behavioral health teams find it easier to manage large patient populations. Our approach enables patients to get better faster by allowing you to maintain data in a way that facilitates early interventions and regular follow-up care – so no one falls through the cracks. Watch a free demo to learn more about our extensive features.

Is Your Organization Struggling With

  • Data inconsistencies across sources?
  • Difficulty accessing filtered statistics across levels?
  • Insufficient IT support or lacking the knowledge to implement a DIY registry solution?
  • Working with a DIY registry that lacks functionality or requires ongoing time-consuming maintenance?
  • Difficulty proving the true value of CoCM to leadership?

There is a Better Way.

Health care organizations can license the AIMS Caseload Tracker from the University of Washington for an annual fee that covers data hosting, support and maintenance. A single license covers use of the software at multiple clinic locations as long as Protected Health Information (PHI) can appropriately be viewed and shared between clinics. PHI under a single license will never be shared outside the licensing organization.

Users typically include behavioral health providers, care managers, psychiatry providers, behavioral health supervisors and other administrators.

Number of UsersStandard Annual License Fee

Discounted Pricing

The AIMS Center offers discounted pricing to qualified non-profit safety net organizations, including but not limited to: FQHCs, RHCs, CCBHCs, CMHCs, Critical Access Hospitals, Sole Community Hospitals, IHS and HCH Grantees. If your organization’s non-profit safety net designation is not listed or you are unsure if your organization qualifies, please contact us at

Number of UsersDiscounted Annual License Fee

Volume Pricing

Volume pricing for the AIMS Caseload Tracker allows a parent organization to purchase a single license to cover multiple sites/providers/practices under their umbrella. The parent organization must be a Covered Entity as defined by HIPAA. Please contact us at for information about volume pricing.

License the AIMS Caseload Tracker

Healthcare organizations must sign a software license agreement and designate the University of Washington as a business associate in order to use the AIMS Caseload Tracker. To get started please:

Once your license agreement is received, we will contact you within 1-2 business days to set up your training access to the AIMS Caseload Tracker.




The Care Management Tracking System (CMTS) is the most fully-featured and customizable registry option that the AIMS Center offers. It has been used in dozens of implementation and research projects in 24 states throughout the US and Canada, helping over 100,000 patients receive better care. However, it is most ideal for research studies or contexts that span multiple healthcare organizations using various EHRs and/or with very specific tracking/reporting needs. The AIMS Caseload Tracker is a more suitable choice for most clinics and behavioral health integration projects without special data collection needs.

Learn more about our research and implementation projects that have used CMTS in Our Projects