Financial Modeling Workbook

In an effort to help organizations understand the financial feasibility of implementing Collaborative Care, the AIMS Center created the Financial Modeling Workbook, with help from the Institute for Family Health and the American Psychiatric Association. The Workbook helps organizations model and estimate revenue and expenses for providing integrated behavioral health services by:

  • Modeling how much time staff engage in key integrated care tasks;
  • Estimating visit volume, provider capacity, and potential caseload size; and
  • Estimating fee-for-service and BHI/CoCM potential revenues

The Workbook also allows you to evaluate practice parameters to better understand their financial impact. For example, you can vary the length of appointment times, the amount of time staff spend on the different components of Collaborative Care work, and many other factors to better understand how to build or revise clinical workflows.


The 2023 Workbook is free to download. It is available in 2 versions (see details below) and comes with instructions. To access the download, please enter your email address in the text box below and fill out the linked form. Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll receive an email containing the downloadable resources.


  • Financial Modeling Workbook
    This version is for practices that plan to bill via psychotherapy codes only, or a combination of that and BHI/CoCM billing. Changes from the previous version include clarifying language around which activities are billable by each set of codes, simplification of how work activities are allocated (by hours rather than percentages), and by making mixed billing calculations more accurate. 
  • Financial Modeling Workbook for FQHC and RHC practices
    Same as above except figuring average reimbursement for BHI/CoCM codes is done with the G codes rather than the CPT codes because the rules are different.

Using the Workbook

The resource below will guide you through gathering data for and using the Workbook. Refer to this document as you’re getting started. 

Using the Financial Workbook


Join our Financing Office Hours! 

The AIMS Center and American Psychiatric Association use this time to answer general questions about the Modeling Workbook as well as all other billing code and financial sustainability matters.


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