Evidence is Clear: CoCM Reduces Costs

May 9, 2024

The AIMS Center supports the recommendations in the Bowman Family Foundation‘s brief, Mounting Evidence that Use of the Collaborative Care Model Reduces Total Healthcare Costs. This May 2024 brief is a comprehensive analysis detailing the cost of implementing the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) across various health systems. The study showcases CoCM’s efficiency and its potential to revolutionize behavioral health integration within primary care settings.

The brief draws on data from 10 diverse U.S. health systems, and found that CoCM can bring cost-effective care for patients with mental health and substance use disorders. There is growing evidence that the Collaborative Care Model leads to a reduction in total healthcare costs. These savings can happen as early as the first year and may increase over 3-4 years.

CoCM’s proven effectiveness in early detection and treatment of mental health conditions, coupled with its ability to overcome barriers to access and reduce stigma, positions it as a financially viable solution for healthcare systems aiming to integrate behavioral health services.

The AIMS Center remains committed to advancing CoCM, providing evidence-based support and guidance to healthcare organizations nationwide.