Psychiatry Residency Training: Making Recommendations and Treatment to Target

Updated: January 9, 2014

This module reviews principles of goal setting and the development of care plans for common primary care presentations. Developing a treatment plan includes making medication recommendations to primary care providers, supporting the care coordinator's use of appropriate brief behavioral and psychotherapeutic interventions (Behavioral Activation Distress Tolerance, Problem Solving Therapy, Motivational Interviewing; Health Behavior Change: Exercise, Tobacco, Diet ), working with difficult patients, and assessing patient for appropriate level of care. Other topics include enhancing medication compliance, supporting clinic development of safety protocols (to address suicidal thinking and violence) and utilizing community resources. Part of the Psychiatry Residency Training in Collaborative Care.

Module 5: Making Recommendations and Treatment to Target Slide Handouts
Module 5: Making Recommendations and Treatment to Target Overview