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An example of what kind of metrics can be tracked in an integrated care implementation.

Collaborative care management was shown to improve the time to remission and shorten the duration of depressive symptoms in patients diagnosed with depression.

A guide to building a clinical team and developing an effective clinical workflow.

An overview of the basic steps needed to implement the Collaborative Care Model(CoCM).

A checklist of the core principles and components of effective integrated behavioral health

The AIMS Caseload Tracker is a secure web-based registry for managing behavioral health caseloads in integrated care settings. It is used alongside your Electronic Health Record to provide powerful tracking and reporting functions:

A packet of information that helps care managers treat depression and talk with patients about antidepressant medications.

Trauma can increase the risk of health, social, and emotional problems. Despite the high prevalence of patients with a past history of trauma, few clinics or Collaborative Care teams have a protocol for addressing it. These three tips can help clinicians safely and effectively discuss the trauma history of their patients during their initial assessment.

The authors present examples of programs educating psychiatry residents to work in integrated healthcare settings.