Resource Library

A worksheet that allows each member of a care team to think about what Collaborative Care roles he/she currently practices. Part of our Team Building and Workflow Guide.

A worksheet that allows an Implementation Leader to map out current team structure and activities and to identify gaps, duplication, and opportunities for streamlining and/or more collaboration. Part of our Team Building and Workflow Guide.

Patient-Centered Team Care is one of the core principles of Collaborative Care.

Describes the process of developing and implementing a Collaborative Care team.

A study that describes physicians' satisfaction with care for patients with depression before and after the implementation of a primary care-based collaborative care program.

An annotated review of 67 articles indicate that collaborative care interventions for psychiatric disorders have been consistently successful in improving key outcomes in both research and clinical intervention studies.

A brief highlighting Collaborative Care as one approach to implementing integrated care under the Medicaid health homes authority.

This template helps care managers have efficient case reviews with primary care providers (PCP)

The AUDIT-C is a simple 3-question screen for hazardous or harmful drinking and is available for free.

A list of administrative tasks to be considered when planning a Collaborative Care implementation.