AIMS Caseload Tracker

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Using a population-based approach to health care helps ensure that no patient falls through the cracks. Employing a technology tool that tracks clinical outcomes for caseloads of patients and supports systematic changes in treatment for patients who are not improving as expected is an essential piece of all successful integrated care implementations.

Options for effectively tracking patients: 1) a spreadsheet built according to these requirements, 2) AIMS Caseload Tracker, 3) the AIMS Center’s Care Management Tracking System (CMTS), and 4) a customized build in an Electronic Health Record (EHR).

A streamlined web app for behavioral health caseload management

The AIMS Caseload Tracker is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant registry for prioritizing and managing behavioral health caseloads in integrated care settings. Used in parallel to electronic health records, it minimizes double data entry to a few essential elements. The design is simple and streamlined, providing powerful tracking and reporting functions.

  • Provides reminders for patient follow-up
  • Identifies patients not improving on current treatment plan to prioritize for treatment adjustment or psychiatric case review
  • Displays progress over time for individual patient symptoms using the PHQ-9 and GAD-7
  • Produces caseload reports summarizing trends in depression symptom scores and dates of contact
  • Calculates real-time statistics like caseload size, length of time in treatment and frequency of visits
  • Facilitates reporting on the HEDIS Depression Remission and Response measure
  • Tracks minutes for CPT and CoCM Code billing



Health care organizations can license the AIMS Caseload Tracker from the University of Washington for an annual fee that covers data hosting, support and maintenance.  A single license covers use of the software at multiple clinic locations as long as Protected Health Information (PHI) can appropriately be viewed and shared between the clinics; PHI under a single license will never be shared outside the licensing organization. Users typically include behavioral health providers, care managers, psychiatry providers, behavioral health supervisors and other administrators. The AIMS Center offers discounted pricing to all providers in Washington State and to qualified safety net organizations.


Healthcare organizations must sign a license and designate the University of Washington as a business associate in order to use the AIMS Caseload Tracker. The license and instructions can be downloaded from the UW Express Licensing website.


If you have general questions about the AIMS Caseload Tracker or about licensing, please contact