Implementation Guide

Nurture your Care

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As for most things, maintaining Collaborative Care requires continuous work beyond the date of launch. Now is the time to see the results of your efforts as well as to think about ways to improve it.

Learning Objectives
  • Implement the care team monitoring plan to ensure effective team collaborations
  • Update your program vision and workflow
  • Implement advanced training and support where necessary


We recommend the following activities to keep your care team operating efficiently and effectively with the goal being the best patient-centered mental health care you can provide.

  • Monitor implementation process and clinical outcomes and merge into existing quality improvement plan
  • Revisit your vision, clinical flowchart, and action plan every six months
  • Incorporate post-launch training and implementation support, as needed
  • Expand CoCM services to additional sites, conditions, and populations
  • Revisit the principles of CoCM every six months and see if they're still at the forefront of your care
  • Reboot your team training and communication when new hires come on board or as needed