Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth is a 66-year-old woman who was a patient in the original IMPACT Trial. She had been suffering from depression for 20 years.

“Twenty-seven years ago, the son of my housekeeper killed my daughter. She was fifteen. Everything changed in my life—completely. Before that I had happiness, a good family, everything was nice—but it turned into nothing. I was in shock.

For years and years, I accumulated all the pain for myself. I tried to be strong for my son and my other daughter. My husband died six months later of a heart attack. So, I found work to support my family. I thought I was strong, and people told me I was strong. But it’s not true. I suffered. I cried. I was bleeding inside. I don’t know if people understand depression. It puts your soul far away from you.

The years passed and I stayed in the same home. My children grew up and moved away. A year ago, I lost my property. Before that I thought I could control everything. After that everything came to me and destroyed me. I tried to sleep, and I could not. I felt like I was in a big bucket of oil trying to get out. I tried but I couldn’t. Life was terrible. I didn’t want to live anymore.

I went to Kaiser and said to my doctor, I’m depressed. She gave me pills, but they didn’t help. Then my doctor sent me to see Rita.”