Our Projects

A high-profile initiative that aims to promote and facilitate innovation in the delivery of healthcare around the globe.
Jürgen Unützer is a member of the Integrated Care Work Group as well as the Board of Trustees work group on health care reform chaired by Howard Goldman.
Jürgen Unützer, Director of the AIMS Center, is on this expert panel dedicated to sharing knowledge, experience, and ideas about integrated care.
DIAMOND is an ongoing collaborative effort of 9 health plans, 25 medical groups, and over 80 primary care clinics in Minnesota to implement and study integrated care for depression based on the IMPACT model of depression care.
Older Mexican American and white non-Hispanic men are undertreated for depression. This project is trying to understand why.
Jürgen Unützer was part of an expert panel that developed ideas of how Collaborative Care could be structured to help care for children with ADHD.
A pilot program attempting to determine whether integrated mental health care can be effective given the unique challenges faced by primary care clinics in Alaska.
A cutting edge research project designed to guide clinicians through problem-solving treatment (PST) options based on data mined from the original IMPACT trial.
The AIMS Center provided training and coaching to five primary care organizations in Texas to implement integrated care for the two mental health conditions most commonly encountered in primary care: depression and anxiety disorders. The implementation is using a patient registry (CMTS) to track...
This research project combined IMPACT depression care management with an existing diabetes care management program for low income predominantly Spanish-speaking Latinos.