Implementation Guide

Welcome to the Collaborative Care Implementation Guide

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This guide is an introduction to the process of implementing collaborative care, from the crucial first step of understanding what it is to monitoring outcomes once collaborative care is in place. Each step contains learning objectives along with materials to help you achieve them.

It's important to understand that implementing collaborative care necessitates practice change on multiple levels. It is nothing short of a new way to practice medicine and requires an openness to doing things differently. We hope this free guide helps you understand the scope of work involved and provides you with the tools you need to get started. The AIMS Center offers in-depth coaching and training that goes far beyond the contents of this guide and we encourage you to contact us to learn more.

Because we continually learn from the organizations we work with, we are constantly refining our materials and adding new tools. Check back often to see what's new or subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly updates.

For a printed overview of our Implementation Guide, see our Collaborative Care Implementation Guide.