Trainings for Providers

  • Skills for the Primary Care Provider (APA) Resource
  • Skills for the Psychiatric Consultant (APA) Resource 

Billing and Sustainability  

  • Billing and Sustainability Considersations for Whole Person Care   Recording | Slide Handout      
  • Financing Strategies for Behavioral Health Integration and Collaborative Care Management Resource 

Hiring and Staffing

  • Hiring and Staffing an Integrated Care Team   Recording | Slide Handout      
  • Behavioral Health Care Manager Role & Job Description Resource
  • Psychiatric Consultant Role & Job Description Resource 
  • Primary Care Provider Role Resource

Using a Registry

  • Washington State AIMS Caseload Tracker  Resource
  • Measurement-Based Care and Using a Registry to Track Outcomes   Recording | Slide Handout
    Please connect with your Project Manager for additional details. 
  • Optimizing Registry Use for Behavioral Health in Primary Care  Slide Handout

Community Behavioral Health Agencies

  • Introduction to Whole Person Care for Community Behavioral Health Agencies   Recording | Slide Handout      

Psychotherapy Training & Certification

  • Problem Solving Treatment (PST) & Patient Activation Resource
    Please connect with your Project Manager for additional details. 


  • Bree Collaborative Suicide Care Report  Resource
  • All Patients Safe - Suicide Prevention Training for Medical Professionals Resource 

Care Team Resources 

  • Helping Clinic Staff Talk with Patients about the PHQ-9  Resource
  • Behavioral Health Care Manager Essentials: A Self-Guided Overview Resource

Screening & Workflows 

  • Depression Screening and Case-Finding Toolkit Resource



30-Minute Appointments

Collaborative Documentation