Relapse Prevention Plan Template (Spanish)

This relapse prevention plan template should be filled out by a patient with their Behavioral Health Care Manager in the months prior to completing an episode of Collaborative Care. The purpose of a relapse prevention plan (RPP) is to remind a patient to continue doing the things that make them feel better, assess their own symptoms and warning signs, and know when to ask for more help if it is needed. In other words, a RPP is a self-management tool for patients. We also have a Relapse Prevention Plan Template available in English.

PHQ-9 Visual Answer Aid (Spanish)

This answer aid is a visual representation of the PHQ-9 answer scale in Spanish. Behavioral Health Care Managers can use this resource alongside the PHQ-9 during screening to get a fuller understanding of how their patient is feeling.

Why Schedule Activities Handout (Spanish)

This handout is given to a patient by a Behavioral Health Care Manager. It is a way to explain to the patient why scheduling daily activities is a key step to improve depression. There is also a version in English.

Relapse Prevention Plan (Spanish)

Depression can occur multiple times during a person’s lifetime. The purpose of a relapse prevention plan is to help the patient understand their own personal warning signs. These warning signs are specific to each person and can help the patient identify when depression may be starting to return so they can get help sooner – before the symptoms get bad. The other purpose of a relapse prevention plan is to help remind the patient what has worked for him/her to feel better. The relapse prevention plan should be filled out by the Behavioral Health Care Manager and the patient together.

The English version of the Relapse Prevention Plan can be found here.

Introducing your Care Team (Spanish)

Educating your patients about Collaborative Care and what they can expect from it is crucial to having Collaborative Care work well. Patient engagement and ownership of their care plan are key aspects of Patient-Centered Team Care, one of the five principles of Collaborative Care. Use this template to introduce your Collaborative Care team in Spanish to patients. Also available in English.