Team Building and Workflow Guide

The AIMS Center has helped hundreds of organizations implement and sustain Collaborative Care for common mental disorders. For Collaborative Care to succeed, we’ve learned that clinics must clearly define the roles of all team members and create a workflow that meets the needs of their patients.

This guide is a road map to get you there. More information can be found in our Implementation Guide: Plan for Clinical Practice Change.

The Team Building and Workflow Guide refers to the following resources:

  • Team Member Self-Assessment: A worksheet that allows each member of a care team to think about what Collaborative Care roles they currently practice.
  • Task Summary Worksheet: A worksheet that allows an Implementation Leader to map out current team structure and activities and to identify gaps, duplication, and opportunities for streamlining and/or more collaboration.
  • Clinical Workflow Plan: A worksheet to document who will complete Collaborative Care tasks as well as how, when, and where.
  • Action Plan Worksheet: A worksheet to organize what resources you need and who is responsible for getting things done for you to launch Collaborative Care.
  • Administrative Readiness Checklist: A list of administrative tasks to be considered when planning a Collaborative Care implementation.