AIMS Caseload Tracker

The AIMS Caseload Tracker is a secure web-based registry for managing behavioral health caseloads in integrated care settings. In this version, providers manually enter basic patient information, behavioral health visit dates, symptom scores (PHQ-9, GAD-7, PCL-5) and psychiatric case review dates. Double data entry is minimized to include the essential items for caseload prioritization and decision-making support.

  • Provides reminders for patient follow-up
  • Identifies patients not improving to prioritize for treatment adjustment or psychiatric case review
  • Displays progress over time for individual patient symptoms using the PHQ-9GAD-7 and PCL-5
  • Produces caseload reports summarizing trends in depression symptom scores and dates of contact
  • Calculates real-time statistics like caseload size, length of time in treatment, and frequency of visits
  • Facilitates reporting on the HEDIS Depression Remission and Response measure
  • Tracks minutes of service delivered each month to facilitate CPT and CoCM Code billing

See: AIMS Caseload Tracker for more details