A Course in PST

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This course consists of a series of online modules introducing PST principles, followed by 3-6 monthly case presentation calls. Clinicians will have the opportunity to apply PST to several cases and receive feedback from AIMS Center expert trainers on their reported application of clinical skills. 

Clinicians can expect to develop beginning skills in PST, but not to develop full competency based on session audiotape review to fidelity standards (see Tier 2

Course Outline

Component Time Commitment* Includes: 
Online Training and Q&A 5 hours
  • 4-hour self-paced online introduction to the evidence base, foundations, and skills of PST
  • 1-hour didactic Q&A session with an expert trainer via Zoom
Monthly Case Presentation 

3-6 hours 
(1 hour per month)

  • Group calls with 5-8 participants 
  • Participants present real cases and discuss challenging and complex case presentations with the trainer

* All times are approximate.
We offer "A Course in PST" as a contract or invoice with the University of Washington. Four CE credits are available for social workers and psychologists. 

Cost of Training

  • $631 per clinician pursuing 3 case calls
  • $766 per clinician pursuing 6 case calls

Clinician Licensure Requirements

Licensed providers (or master's-level licensure candidates) such as licensed social workers, registered nurses, and psychologists are eligible to receive training and to become certified in PST. 

Caseload Requirements 

Prospective PST trainees must have an active caseload of at least 3 patients by the time they begin PST training. 


To register, contact uwaims@uw.edu with the subject "PST Training: Tier 1". Given the time requirements listed above, please note when you are available to start. Cohorts are formed on a rolling basis and consist of 5-8 participants. If you are registering on behalf of other clinicians at your organization, please provide each participant's full name & licensure and email address.