Annie McGuire, MS, LMHC, MHA

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Annie McGuire Headshot
Clinical Trainer & Practice Coach

Annie McGuire began her career in 2004 working in community mental health and intensive outpatient programs. She also spent several years working as a counselor in vocational rehabilitation. Annie first started working in primary care in 2011, providing Collaborative Care at a Federally Qualified Health Center in Seattle, WA. She gained teaching experience while working as Behavioral Science Faculty at a family medicine residency clinic with Providence Medical Group (PMG) in Olympia, WA. Most recently, Annie worked with PMG as the Clinical Director for Behavioral Health Integration for 10 primary care clinics across SW Washington.

Joining the AIMS Center in 2021, Annie has experience with training and implementation of evidence-based models including Collaborative Care and SBIRT, and various therapeutic interventions including problem-solving treatment and motivational interviewing. Annie received a Master's of Science in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2007. She also received a Master's in Healthcare Administration from the University of Providence in 2020. 

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