Patient Tracking Spreadsheet With Example Data

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The AIMS Center recommends using resources in the following order to get oriented to the spreadsheet:

  1. Download the appropriate version of the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet with Example Data below. Use this version of the spreadsheet to practice entering fake patients in the next steps. This example spreadsheet only contains a few patient blocks and should not be used for entering actual patient data.
  2. Download and review the Quick Start Guide for an overview of the spreadsheet's key functions. 
  3. Download the Instructions for Care Managers to use alongside the Practice Patient Scenario to practice entering patient data into the spreadsheet. Do not skip this! This scenario walks you step-by-step through all of the spreadsheet functionality.
  4. Request a blank copy of the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet by filling out the Blank Patient Tracking Spreadsheet Download Request Form.

Refer to our Tips and Best Practices for further guidance on how to most effectively use the spreadsheet.

Download the Spreadsheet with Example Data

Please download the version that you plan to use at your organization. For more information on differences between these versions, see the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet page.


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