CMTS Registry

What is CMTS?

The Care Management Tracking System (CMTS) is an essential element of the collaborative care model (CoCM). It is a population-based behavioral health registry used by the collaborative care team to track, follow up, and flag patients who are not improving as expected. CMTS is a web-based registry developed by the AIMS Center that supports collaborative care functions. It facilitates high quality, evidence-based collaborative care for various behavioral health conditions and chronic diseases. It also supports many of the key principles of Collaborative Care including population-based care, measurement-based care, treatment-to-target and team-based care. To date, CMTS has been deployed in 21 implementations in 14 states throughout the United States and has helped over 80,000 patients receive better care. For additional information regarding CMTS, click here

Benefits of Using CMTS in the Learning Network

The New York State Office of Mental Health will provide initial access to the CMTS registry for interested sites joining the Collaborative Care Medicaid Program. While use of CMTS is not required for participation in CCMP, practices will need a registry -- whether part of the existing EHR, Spreadsheet, or otherwise-- that is capable of the necessary tracking and reporting. Please ensure that your registry meets the AIMS Center Functional Requirements for a Collaborative Care Registry.