Virna Little, LCSW-R, SAP, PsyD

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Virna Little, LCSW-R, SAP, PsyD
Clinician Trainer

Virna Little is the Associate Director of Strategic Planning at the Center for Innovation in Mental Health at City University of New York (CUNY). Prior to her role at CUNY, Ms. Little was Senior Vice President of Psychosocial Services and Community Affairs at the Institute for Family Health in New York where she was responsible for the administration and delivery of behavioral health, community, and grant funded programs in twenty six centers throughout New York City and New York State's Hudson Valley Region. Ms. Little has extensive experience providing behavioral health services in healthcare settings as well as developing and operating community programs. She has expertise in HIV/AIDS, homelessness, substance abuse, the chronic medically and mentally ill, and the financial viability of integrated care. She has been recognized nationally for her work in the integration of primary care and behavioral health, including the implementation of evidence-based models such as Collaborative Care.

Ms. Little partners with the AIMS Center to provide training and consultation on multiple implementations.

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