Collaborative Care Stories

A story of how IMPACT changes lives

Elizabeth is a 66-year-old woman who was a patient in the original IMPACT Trial. She had been suffering from depression for 20 years and had tried to protect herself from her pain through isolation. With the help of her care manager, Rita, Elizabeth began to trust others. “Rita helped me to open up and feel like a person again. She came into my life to save my life. She’s an angel to me." Read Elizabeth's story, courtesy of the John A. Hartford Foundation, funders of the IMPACT trial.

Psychiatric Consultant Amy Bauer

My first exposure to primary care psychiatry came when I spent a month in residency rotating with the Rural and Remote Mental Health Service in South Australia. We provided psychiatric consultations via telemedicine and occasional visits to distant primary care sites. For someone concerned about the public health impact of mental disorders, it was an exceptional experience – I was helping to shape the care delivered to hundreds of patients.