Resource Library

This is a list of articles focusing on research methods used in the IMPACT trial, including screeners and scales used to measure.

This list of articles describe the IMPACT program, the roles of various healthcare professionals in IMPACT, and the process of implementing IMPACT in the primary care clinics participating in the randomized trial.

This list of articles includes factors influencing depression severity, treatment, and effectiveness of IMPACT in various subgroups of patients as well as patient and physician satisfaction with IMPACT.

A list of articles summarizing the primary results from the IMPACT study.

This reference list contains selected adaptations of the IMPACT trial.

To date there have been over 80 research trials documenting the effectiveness of Collaborative Care. This list of references is a brief, selected sample.

This study looks at the cost-effectiveness and net-benefit of Collaborative Care in patients with diabetes and depression.

These slides describe the results, methods, and Collaborative Care model used in the original IMPACT Study.

An analysis of the healthcare costs in medically ill fee-for-service Medicare recipients with depression.

COPE-REMS is an interactive, self-paced online training offered by the University of Washington School of Medicine that is focused on the care and management of chronic pain.