Collaborative Care for Adolescents with Depression in Primary Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial

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In this randomized clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of Collaborative Care for adolescent depression in primary care, adolescents (aged 13-17 years old) were randomized to receive either 12 months of usual care or the Reaching Out to Adolescents in Distress (ROAD) intervention, an adapted collaborative care intervention. Results indicated that adolescents in the intervention group had greater improvements in depressive symptoms than the controls, suggesting that Collaborative Care can be effectively used in primary care to treat adolescent depression.

The Journal of the American Medical Association
Publication date
August 27, 2014
Laura P. Richardson, MD, MPH; Evette Ludman, PhD; Elizabeth McCauley, PhD; Jeff Lindenbaum, MD; Cindy Larison, MA; Chuan Zhou, PhD; Greg Clarke, PhD; David Brent, MD; Wayne Katon, MD