Collaborative Care for Adolescents With Depression in Primary Care

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Depression is a common and extremely undertreated condition in adolescents. In numerous studies it has been shown that Collaborative Care can significantly improve depression symptoms in adults, but only a handful of studies have been done to look at the effect of Collaborative Care on adolescent depression. The objective of this study was to determine if a Collaborative Care intervention for treating adolescent depression showed more significant improvement than usual care. It was found that the adolescents with depression symptoms showed greater improvements after 12 months when treated using a Collaborative Care model versus that of usual care.

Journal of the American Medical Association
Publication date
August 27, 2014
Laura P. Richardson, MD, MPH; Evette Ludman, PhD; Elizabeth McCauley, PhD; Jeff Lindenbaum, MD; Cindy Larison, MA; Chuan Zhou, PhD; Greg Clarke, PhD; David Brent, MD; Wayne Katon, MD