I want to implement collaborative care/IMPACT at my organization, but I don’t know how many care managers I should have or what their caseload size should be. Do you have that information?

Every implementation is unique, but our guide to care manager caseload guidelines can give you an idea of what you'll need in terms of personnel.

Does the AIMS Center provide training and/or consultation services?

Yes. We have learned a lot about what does and doesn't work over the past ten years and we use that experience to help each new implementation. We normally work with organizations from beginning to end including pre-launch planning, training, and post-launch coaching and consultation. Please view Our Services to learn more.

I am a patient with depression. Can you recommend treatment for me or a treatment facility in my area?

The AIMS Center provides training and technical assistance to organizations implementing integrated behavioral health care. The AIMS Center does not treat patients directly and is not equipped to be a referral source for patients. You can ask for Collaborative Care or IMPACT from any doctor you visit. For a referral to a behavioral health provider in your area, please ask your primary care provider and/or visit the web page for the national Mental Health Services Locator:  http://store.samhsa.gov/mhlocator

Can the AIMS Center put me in contact with an organization/clinic using collaborative care/IMPACT?

The AIMS Center does not give out names and contact information for implementing organizations without their explicit permission to do so. If you would like more information or to contact someone at these organizations, please send us more details about your implementation plans and what you hope to gain by connecting with the organization (specific questions, etc).

I'm interested in getting trained in Problem Solving Treatment. Does the AIMS Center offer that?

The AIMS Center facilitates Problem-Solving Treatment (PST) certification and training for individuals working within a collaborative care or integrated care team. For those interested in PST training, please contact uwaims@uw.edu and we will place you in an upcoming cohort.