Erin Hafer discusses the business sense behind Collaborative Care

Erin Hafer discusses the business sense behind Collaborative Care

Erin Hafer is the Manager of New Programs Integration at Community Health Plan of Washington, a not-for-profit organization founded by local community health centers. Over the past six years, she has overseen the implementation of Collaborative Care in nearly 150 community health centers across the state of Washington as part of the Mental Health Integration Program. Erin recently spoke to us about her experiences.

Elizabeth's Story

A story of how IMPACT changes lives

Elizabeth is a 66 year old woman who was a patient in the original IMPACT Trial. She had been suffering from depression for 20 years and had tried to protect herself from her pain through isolation. With the help of her care manager, Rita, Elizabeth began to trust others. “Rita helped me to open up and feel like a person again. She came into my life to save my life. She’s an angel to me." Read Elizabeth's story, courtesy of the John A. Hartford Foundation, funders of the IMPACT trial.

Do I need any special permission to adapt, distribute, modify, use, or otherwise reproduce the resources on this website? Some of it is copyrighted. Do I need copyright authorization, or do I need to give the AIMS Center credit?

Yes. You must obtain permission from the AIMS Center to adapt, distribute, modify, use or otherwise reproduce the resources from the AIMS Center. For more information on how to request permission, please visit our copyright permissions page.

I want to implement collaborative care/IMPACT at my organization, but I don’t know how many care managers I should have or what their caseload size should be. Do you have that information?

Every implementation is unique, but our guide to care manager caseload guidelines can give you an idea of what you'll need in terms of personnel.

Does the AIMS Center provide training and/or consultation services?

Yes. We have learned a lot about what does and doesn't work over the past ten years and we use that experience to help each new implementation. We normally work with organizations from beginning to end including pre-launch planning, training, and post-launch coaching and consultation. Please view Our Services to learn more.