Patient Tracking Spreadsheet

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Using a population-based approach to health care helps ensure that no patient falls through the cracks. Employing a technology tool that tracks clinical outcomes for populations of patients and supports systematic changes in treatment for patients who are not improving as expected is an essential piece of all successful collaborative care implementations.

There are several options available for effectively tracking patients: 1) a patient tracking spreadsheet, 2) AIMS Caseload Tracker, 3) the AIMS Center’s Care Management Tracking System (CMTS), and 4) a customized build in an Electronic Health Record (EHR).


Spreadsheets can be used as a registry tool to allow providers to efficiently track clinical outcomes for patients and support systematic changes in treatment for patients who are not improving as expected.  

It is imperative that patient tracking spreadsheets be used alongside an EHR so that the primary care team all share access to the most up to date information about patients enrolled in collaborative care programs. It is necessary for all members of the care team, including the psychiatric consultant, to have access to the EHR. 

The AIMS Center recommends exploring the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet in this order: 

  1. Download the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet with example data. You will use this to practice entering fake patients into the spreadsheet. 
  2. Download and review the Quick Start Guide for an overview of the spreadsheet's key functions. 
  3. Download the Instructions for Care Managers to use alongside the Patient Test Scenario to practice entering patient data into the spreadsheet. Do not skip this! This scenario walks you through, step-by-step all of the spreadsheet functionality. 
  4. Request a blank copy of the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet Template from Remember to refer to our Tips and Best Practices to better learn how to use the spreadsheet. 


The AIMS Center offers a patient tracking spreadsheet for providers that takes minimal upfront investment and can support collaborative care functions such as patient and caseload progress tracking. Many clinics and organizations choose to use a spreadsheet alongside an EHR to track patients and patient populations as an interim solution while they consider IT options for registry functions. A number of organizations have used patient tracking spreadsheets to launch and maintain successful, multiple-clinic, collaborative care programs.

A preview of the AIMS Center's Patient Tracking Spreadsheet Template with example data is provided below. If you would like to request a copy of the full template, or if you have questions, feedback, or need help troubleshooting the AIMS Center's Patient Tracking Spreadsheet Template, please email If you request a copy of the template via this listserv, you will also receive notifications of updates to the AIMS Center's Patient Tracking Spreadsheet Template and supporting materials. Please note: this listserv is not for CMTS inquiries. For CMTS inquiries, please contact your organization's designated account administrator. 

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Page Last Updated: March 1, 2017