The Path Forward: The Case for Collaborative Care during COVID-19

The Path Forward for Mental Health and Substance Use is a coalition of 5 influential non-profit organizations aiming to enhance affordability and sustainability of high-value, effective mental health treatment. Collaborative Care has been identified as one of the "five inter-related opportunities to stem the tide of access issues."(1) The Path Forward recently published a short piece strongly advocating for the use of Collaborative Care during COVID-19, and are calling on mental health advocates to push for the implementation of CoCM in primary care settings.

Behavioral Health Integration in Era of COVID-19

Behavioral health conditions are expected to increase and worsen as a result of COVID-19. According to a survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association (see link below), 36% of respondents said that COVID-19 is "seriously affecting their mental health" and most (59%) said it's having a serious impact on their daily life (1). Primary care is likely to see many of these patients.