Systematic Caseload Review leads to meaningful engagement in CoCM

In the study, Meaningful Engagement in Depression and Anxiety Collaborative Care: Associations With Systematic Case Review, researchers examined factors that lead to better patient engagement in Collaborative Care (CoCM).

The study identified several factors associated with meaningful engagement, including the systematic caseload review (SCR) between the Psychiatric Consultant and Behavioral Health Care Manager, the presence of a warm handoff at the time of patient referral to CoCM, and moderate-severe baseline depression. Notably, the SCR was highly associated with meaningful engagement in CoCM, regardless of psychiatric symptom severity or time to first case review.

In conclusion, the study underscores the importance of the systematic caseload review within the Collaborative Care Model and its association with meaningful patient engagement. The findings support the implementation of CoCM programs with high fidelity to its core principles, including regularly held systematic caseload review, to enhance patient engagement and improve outcomes in mental health treatment.