Supporting the Medical Care of People Living with Serious Mental Illness

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An Online Course for Case Managers 

People living with serious mental illness die on average 25 years earlier than people in the general population, largely due to cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks. In recent years, behavioral health agencies have taken on responsibility to monitor and support the health status of their clients.

Case managers in behavioral health agencies form the backbone of efforts to improve the medical outcomes of people living with serious mental illness. This course is designed to prepare case managers for this work.

This online course reviews the reality of increased premature mortality in people living with serious mental illness, explores the medical and social causes of this increased mortality as well as approaches to reducing it and introduces some practical tools and approaches to improving health in the populations case managers serve.

By the end of this course, a case manager will be able to:

  • Recognize the reality of premature mortality of people living with serious mental illness
  • Describe the medical conditions related to premature mortality
  • Describe the significance of the case manager role in addressing premature mortality
  • Use effective techniques to support client health behaviors
  • Engage with behavioral health colleagues to support client outcomes
  • Use tools to help clients improve interactions with the primary care system

Completing the Course

The course is organized into 14 online modules. We recommend completing the modules in order, as each builds on lessons learned in the previous module. After completing the online course, a post-training survey and certificate of completion are available.

Click the arrow below to view the training contents and begin the modules. 

Access Course Modules

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Resources & References

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a username and password to access the online course?
No. You can access the online course by going to:

How do I get technical assistance or other help?
If you need additional technical assistance, please contact us.

Can I use any device and any browser for the online training?
For the best training experience, we recommend using a laptop or a desktop. If you experience any difficulties with the online course, we recommend trying a different device and/or different browser.

Is completion of the course required?
Check with your agency to determine if there are any specific completion requirements. If you are pursuing a certificate of completion, you will need to complete all modules in the course. 

How much does the online course cost?
The course is free.

Can I return to the online course after I have started it?
Yes. You may complete the training in multiple sessions. You may also return to the course after you have completed it.

Is continuing education (CE) credit available for the training?
No. However, a certificate of completion is available for the course. 

How do I get the certificate of completion? 
Instructions for obtaining the certificate of completion are provided in the Post-Training Survey & Certificate of Completion section on the course webpage. 


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This online course was developed by the AIMS Center at the University of Washington with funding provided by HealthierHere.