Depression Attention for Women Now (DAWN) in Yakima

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A large number of women receive their routine care in obstetrics-gynecology (OB-GYN) clinics, including a disproportionate percentage of low-income and minority women. For many of these women, OB-GYNs are the only provider they see on a regular basis. There are multiple aspects of OB-GYN care that are uniquely suited for detection and treatment of depression, but there are also significant barriers to such care that Collaborative Care can address.

The Depression Attention for Women Now (DAWN) in Yakima project has adapted the original DAWN program and implemented it in a rural OB-GYN clinical setting located in Yakima, Washington. One adaptation in this project includes using text messaging and videoconferencing to provide some care management activities to patients. This project aims to test the feasibility of the adapted program to help reach women in rural health care settings.

The original DAWN project is an effective Collaborative Care program that improves the quality of mental health care and clinical depression outcomes in women. DAWN is a highly structured, time-limited approach that implements Collaborative Care in OB-GYN clinical settings to ensure comprehensive care. In a recent clinical trial, the two urban OB-GYN clinics that implemented DAWN saw that more than half of women treated by the program improved their depression symptoms by 50%.


National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

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DAWN website:

Article discussing the effectiveness of DAWN in HSNewsbeat (5/7/2014)

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