Patient Education

Introducing Your Care Team

It can be helpful to have a flyer that describes the team, including the patient’s role as an active member of the treatment team. If the PHQ-9 is included on the flyer the patient can use this as a visual reference when completing it over the phone with the care manager. Below is a template that clinics can adapt to suit their own needs. You should add team members, as appropriate to your clinic, and adjust the descriptions of each person’s role to match the way you provide care.

Introducing Your Care Team (English)

Introducing Your Care Team (Spanish)

Patient Engagment Card - Sonoma County HSD/Petaluma Health Center

Treatment FAQ

Below is a link to an FAQ that includes questions patients frequently ask about treatment.

Treatment FAQ

Scheduling Pleasant Activities

The Cycle of Depression is a visual aid that many clinicians find helpful in explaining depression and its treatment. This handout is given to the patient by the care manager as a way to explain to the patient why scheduling daily activities is an important step to improving depression.

The Cycle of Depression: Why Schedule Activities? (English)

The Cycle of Depression: Why Schedule Activities? (Spanish)

This worksheet is given to the patient by the care manager. It is a tool used to plan a week's worth of daily activities in order to help relieve stress and depression in the patient.

Breaking the Cycle of Depression: Scheduling Activities Worksheet

Relapse Prevention Plan

The purpose of a relapse prevention plan is to help the patient understand his/her own personal warning signs. These warning signs are specific to each person and can help the patient identify when their mental health condition may be starting to return so they can get help sooner – before the symptoms get bad. The other purpose of a relapse prevention plan is to help remind the patient what has worked for him/her to feel better. The relapse prevention plan should be filled out by the care manager and the patient together.

Relapse Prevention Plan for Depression

Generic Relapse Prevention Plan (English)

Generic Relapse Prevention Plan (Spanish)

Further Resources

For further patient education resources, visit the Patient Education section of the AIMS Center Resource Library.

You can also visit the Patient Education & Engagement page in the LCS for further resources submitted by Care Partners organizations.