Partnership Tools

  • Partnership Assessment Tool for Health (PATH) - The objective of the PATH is to help partnering organizations work together more effectively to maximize the impact of the partnership. As your partnership continues serving the community, open and honest dialogue around strengths, gaps, challenges, and opportunities is essential for partners to stay aligned, focus communications, prioritize changes, leverage opportunities, identify needs, and more. These types of conversations require dedicated time and can be challenging. The tool provides an approachable format to understand progress toward benchmarks characteristic of effective partnerships, to identify areas for further development, and guide strategic conversation between partners.
  • Partnership Self-Assessment Toolkit - The ability to work effectively in partnership is an important requirement for many organisations. Although the number of partnerships continues to grow, it is increasingly evident that not all of them are working successfully. This toolkit provides a brief overview of good practice in partnership working and includes a tool for assessing the effectiveness of a partnership group. It is broken down into sections, which you can refer to depending on what stage your partnership is at.