New Staff

Most clinics will eventually welcome new staff to their Care Partners team. It’s important to insure that these new team members understand what Collaborative Care is and, most important, what their role will be and how to accomplish that role effectively. If you have a new team member who was unable to participate in the in-person training, use the information and resources here to orient and train them.

Watch training modules in the Learning Community Site:

  • All new staff should watch Introduction to Collaborative Care Module 1 in the Learning Community Site. Specific roles should watch the following modules: 
    • PCP Champions: Role of the PCP training module (PCP Champions are optional attendees at the annual meeting but should watch this training regardless of attendance).
    • Care Managers: Role of the Care Manager training module.
    • Project Leads: Role of the PCP, Care Manager, and Psychiatric Consultant training modules.

CMTS Training

Users complete self-paced training:

  • Review relevant training recordings about how to use the registry (based on role):
  • Review relevant user manual.
  • Care Managers: use Sample Care Manager Scenario on the page link above to enter fake patient into the Test Site registry.
  • Care Managers: enter additional fake patients into registry until comfortable with key functions.