Learning Community Site

The Care Partners Learning Community Site includes learning modules, handouts, links, webinar recordings and discussions from the project. All instructions below are available in a PDF document that includes screenshot examples. Click here to view this PDF.

Creating an account: 

Skip this part if you already have an account.

  1. First, register for the Care Partners Learning Community Site by clicking here. Select student and use the join code MF9PH4. IMPORTANT: Use an email as your username, you will get an email from Canvas to confirm and it is how you log into the site. Select the Start Learning button.
  2. Once you’ve registered, if you are not automatically sent to the site, click here to access the Care Partners Learning Community Site. 
  3. Remember to confirm your registration when Canvas sends you an email. Check spam or junk mail filters if you do not receive one immediately. If you do not get one, it may be because you did not use an email as your username – see below.
  4. Register your email if you did not use an email as your username. To register an email with your account, click on the Account icon, go to Settings and select + email address on the right-hand menu. You will need this to log in again.

Logging in: 

Click the link to log into the Care Partners Learning Community site: https://uwaims.instructure.com/login/canvas; enter in your email associated with your account and password and click Log In.

Discussion Board Feature:

The discussion board feature allows you to start discussion threads, share resources, and ask questions or seek input from the Care Partners community. If you prefer, you can view a demo of the information included below in the recording of the "Sonoma County HSD & Petaluma Health Center Conference Call: Patient Recruitment and PCP Engagement," which can be found on the Learning Community Site. The demo begins at 0:01:40. Note: Canvas has updated their site since this recording, so directions from this page are more accurate. 

Finding the Discussion Board:

When logged into the LMS, select the Discussions page from the menu on the left-hand side of the main page.

To see contents of a discussion, click on the discussion title. 

We’ve started a discussion board for you to share amongst Care Partners sites strategies to care for older adults with depression during the coronavirus pandemic. On the Discussions page, you will see a thread named “Shared Resources & Discussion | Caring for Older Adults during COVID-19.” Directions for posting replies below. 

Viewing & replying on the discussion board:

  1. Click on the discussion title. Several boxes will appear on this screen.
  2. To look for a certain person’s reply or a specific entry, type in the name or keyword to filter.
  3. The unread button is to filter posts that you have not read yet.
  4. The up and down arrow buttons indicate how you would like to filter posts – the upwards arrow allows you to collapse replies whereas the downwards arrow expands replies.
  5. To reply to the thread, click on the Reply button. A text box will appear.
  6. You may attach documents that you would like to share, or just a text response. When finished, click Post Reply.

Setting up notifications:

Make sure to set up your notifications such that you are notified when a discussion topic or response is posted.

  1. Click the Account icon on the left-hand menu
  2. Click Notifications on the menu that pops out
  3. Under the Discussions section, select your notification preference
  4. The check indicates immediate notification
  5. The clock indicates a daily summary notification
  6. The calendar indicates a weekly summary
  7. The x indicates no notifications 
  8. Canvas will automatically save your preferences once chosen

Starting your own discussion:

  1. Select Discussions from the left-hand menu on the main page
  2. Click the blue + Discussion button in the top-right corner of the Discussions page
  3. Enter a topic title into the first text box
  4. Enter your question or discussion topic into the main text box
  5. Mark that you’re posting it to Care Partners
  6. Attach files if relevant
  7. Choose your options for others posting to the board
  8. Threading replies allows users to respond directly to another reply
  9. Users must post before seeing replies limits who sees the thread by contributing a reply first
  10. Allowing liking allows users to like replies
  11. You can choose dates the board is available from, if applicable

Getting Technical Help

 If you need technical assistance to complete the course (for password/login issues, etc), there are a few ways to get assistance: 

  1. From within the Learning Community Site, use the Help link on the left-side menu. The Help menu will provide you with 24x7 access to help desk staff (phone and/or live chat), along with self-help guides if you prefer to solve an issue on your own.
  2. If you’re unable to access the course, you can still use the 24x7 support hotline by calling 1-844-527-0334.

 Note: The AIMS Center’s courses are hosted in a learning management system platform provided by Instructure Canvas. Instructure Canvas is providing the phone support and should be able to help troubleshoot any course access/completion issues.