CMTS Required Fields

Very little information is required to be entered into CMTS for the Care Partners project. This page contains a list of the required fields. Click here for a pdf of the list including screenshots in CMTS. For those of you partnering with CBOs, it is recommended that you enter more than just the required data because CBO staff will not have access to primary care clinic medical records and so this registry will be the place where your shared patients are tracked and managed. For everyone involved in Care Partners, please note that CMTS contains algorithms that cue the care manager when care management tasks need to be performed. Electronic medical records don't contain Collaborative Care algorithms so using CMTS functionality is encouraged so that patients don't fall through the cracks. These algorithms are evidence-based and are meant to help care managers stay on top of their caseloads and perform all the necessary care management tasks that have been proven to get twice as many patients better (and more quickly) than traditional referral or co-located models of depression care. 

Patient Information Screen (when adding a new patient)

Required fields:

          • Program Information
                • Primary care clinic name
                • Population: Depressed or At Risk
                • Enrollment Date
                • Check box for a negative score on the Six-Item Cognitive Screener (memory screener)
                • Patient ID - automatically generated by CMTS
                • Medical Record Number (MRN)
                • Check box for a negative score on the bipolar question(s)
                • PCC Care Manager name
                • CBO Care Manager name
          • Demographic Information
                • First name of patient
                • Last name
                • Date of birth
                • Gender (can choose 'Prefer not to say/Unknown')
                • Race (can choose ‘Unknown or not reported’)
                • Ethnicity (can choose ‘Unknown or not reported’)
                • Language  

Initial Assessment & Follow Up Contacts

Required fields:

          • Date of contact
          • Current Medications
          • Confirm with patient that current medications list is up-to-date
          • Diagnosis
          • Session attendees
          • Session location and length of time

Items that are not required in order to close out a note but are necessary for this project

          • PHQ-9 scores
              • PHQ-9 is used as both a screener and follow-up measure in Collaborative Care. It is administered regularly over the course of treatment and needs to be entered into CMTS
          • Psychiatric Consultation notes:
              • Psychiatric consultants meet with care managers over the phone or in person on a weekly basis for usually an hour to do systematic case reviews of new patients and patients not improving as expected
              • Recommendations stemming from this consultation are entered into the patient’s CMTS record as a Psychiatric Consultation Note
          • Family members / Friends of patients
              • For those sites involving friends or family in Collaborative Care, information such as name, relationship, and contact information needs to be entered into CMTS in the Patient Information page

Note: Some sites may have additional required fields than those listed above, such as referral documentation.