Training in the Integrated Psychosocial Oncology Program model

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The Integrated Psychosocial Oncology Program, which uses a collaborative care model that has been proven to be highly effective in oncology settings, provides comprehensive support, education, and evidence-based treatment for the full spectrum of psychosocial needs that arise during cancer treatment and surveillance. It leverages existing resources to efficiently integrate population-based psychosocial care into primary oncology teams, maximizing access and convenience for the patient and their family.

We use our experience with developing and implementing this program to help other cancer centers to tailor and implement a program that fits their specific needs. Towards this goal, we can provide on-site and remote Coaching and Implementation Support, Research Collaborations, and Education and Workforce Development. 

For training in the Integrated Psychosocial Oncology Program model, please contact Jesse Fann, MD, MPH.