Full PST Certification

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Full PST Certification typically requires between 19 and 22 hours of participant time over the course of seven months. Upon completion of all training requirements listed below, participants receive certification as a PST practitioner. 

Training Outline

We offer "PST Certification" as a contract or invoice with the University of Washington. Eight CE credits are available for social workers and psychologists. PST training is also available independent of the AIMS Center via expert consultants from the National Network of PST Clinicians, Trainers, and Researchers (P. Raue, Director; View National Network training site). All times listed below are approximate.

Kickoff Webinar

30 mins 

  • Group introduction to PST and the training program

Online Training and Q&A 

5 hours

  • 4-hour self-paced online introduction to the evidence base, foundations, and skills of PST
  • 1-hour didactic Q&A session with an expert trainer via Zoom

Phone-Based Practice Sessions 

4 hours (1 hour per session) 

  • One-on-one practice sessions with a certified expert PST trainer
  • In-depth education on PST fundamentals and skills

Monthly Case Presentations 

6 hours (1 hour per month) 

  • Group calls with 5-8 participants 
  • Participants present real cases and discuss challenging and complex case presentations with the trainer

Audio Recording Review for Certification 

4 hours (1 hour time commitment per review) 

  • Audio submission of participant practicing PST with a patient
  • Audio recording review by expert PST trainer


Cost of Certification

$1,425 per clinician

Trainee Requirements

  • Eligible clinicians: Licensed providers (or master's-level licensure candidates) such as licensed social workers, registered nurses, and psychologists 
  • Caseload: Active caseload of at least 3 patients by the time they begin PST training


Register at the link below.