NYSCCMP Listserv

The NYS OMH recently launched its Collaborative Care Medicaid Program listserv (NYSCCMP) as a discussion listserv intended for care teams participating in the Collaborative Care Medicaid program. NYSCCMP communications may be focused on collaborative care implementation, patient engagement strategies and barriers, data collection and billing, relapse prevention planning, etc. Discussion of any topic relevant to your collaborative care program is encouraged.  

NYSCCMP was developed to promote greater access to that expertise and create opportunities to brainstorm, problem solve, and share what’s working. NYSCCMP is a forum which can offer a broader learning community and share useful knowledge and information amongst clinicians caring for patients across New York.

CCMP program leads and care managers received email invitations, but all members of your care team are encouraged to participate and can subscribe by emailing Danielle Chapman at the OMH (danielle.chapman@omh.ny.gov).

Subscription to and use of NYSCCMP indicates agreement to abide by the rules and standards listed there; please review the rules and guidelines thoroughly. Members may unsubscribe from the list at any time.

NYSCCMP-L Guidelines (pdf)