Collaborative Care Background Materials

The following resources can help you to learn more about the fundamentals of collaborative care or to pursue further training.

AIMS Center
The AIMS Center at the University of Washington is a group of faculty, staff and consultants dedicated to improving the health of populations by advancing the research and implementation of collaborative care. The website contains an extensive resource library that includes materials, checklists, and more that can help your organization implement a successful collaborative care program. 

Integrated Care: Creating Effective Mental and Primary Health Care Teams
This book, released in February 2016, provides the first comprehensive guide for teams to integrate effective mental health care into primary care clinics. Edited by a team of mental health experts, it includes practical information, skills, and clinical approaches needed to implement collaborative care, an evidence-based model of integrated care developed at the University of Washington. Importantly, it provides a common resource and framework for all members of the care team including behavioral health care managers, psychiatrists, primary care providers, and administrators.

American Psychiatric Association's Psychiatric Consultant Training
The American Psychiatric Association's (APA) 7 module, 2-part training course, developed in partnership with the AIMS Center, trains psychiatrists in collaborative care consultation psychiatry. Part 1 of this training introduces collaborative care skills and theory, while part 2 builds on those skills. This course is free and participants are eligible to earn Continuing Medical Education credits. Please note: Participants are required to make a login to view the training materials.