Patient Tracking Spreadsheet With Example Data

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Effective management of common mental health conditions requires the ability to track clinical outcomes for populations of patients and to support systematic changes in treatment for patients who are not improving as expected. This measurement-based, treatment-to-target approach is one of the core principles of Collaborative Care and is essential to ensuring stated goals are being met. How it is done is much less important than that it is done.  Use this example Microsoft Excel®-based system as a guide.

The AIMS Center recommends exploring the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet in this order: 

  1. Download one of the Patient Tracking Spreadsheets with example data below. You will use this to practice entering fake patients into the spreadsheet. The version you choose should match your spreadsheet template download.
  2. Download and review the Quick Start Guide for an overview of the spreadsheet's key functions. 
  3. Download the Instructions for Care Managers to use alongside the Patient Test Scenario to practice entering patient data into the spreadsheet. Remember to choose the version Do not skip this! This scenario walks you through, step-by-step all of the spreadsheet functionality. 
  4. Request a blank copy of the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet Template from If you request a copy of the template via the listserv, you will also receive future notifications of updates to the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet Template and supporting materials.

Remember to refer to our Tips and Best Practices to better learn how to use the spreadsheet. 

Download the Spreadsheet with Example Data

Please download the version that you plan to use at your organization. For more information on differences between these versions, see the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet page.