I'm interested in being treated for my mental health condition by a collaborative care team. What should I do?

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We recommend you talk with your doctor and see if your clinic provides mental health care that includes the basic principles of good care: 1) treatment to target approach, in which medications and/or psychotherapy are systematically changed if your symptoms aren't improving; 2) population-based care, in which your care team tracks patient progress in a registry to ensure no one falls through the cracks; 3) evidence-based care, in which patients are offered treatments with credible research evidence that show their effectiveness; and 4)  patient-centered team care, in which your doctor effectively collaborates with behavioral health providers using shared care plans that incorporate patient goals. If your doctor is NOT part of an effective, integrated care team, you could share this website with them and this handout. We are working on a patient guide to asking for good mental health care and encourage you to contact us if this would be helpful.