AIMS Registry Office Hours

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In order to support the AIMS Caseload Tracker, CMTS, and Patient Tracking Spreadsheet*, the AIMS Center is now offering virtual office hours on the third Thursday of every month at 10:45am - 11:45am Pacific Time

Please feel free to treat this session as an open Q&A for your registry.
Join the office hours using this link:

*Patient Tracking Spreadsheet users:
If you plan to share your screen, ensure you remove all patient data from your spreadsheet, including from the Caseload Overview, prior to calling in. Please note that these office hours are not for individualized modification assistance; modifications are still the sole responsibility of the organization if they choose to make them. The office hours are for answering questions about general functionality and providing clarification on instructional resources. Please see the Technical Assistance & Feedback Form for general functionality questions and technical issues on the Patient Tracking Spreadsheet.